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M Frank Gallery

Long Island’s newest art gallery, M Frank Gallery, just opened their doors for a premiere first exhibit in Syosset in Nassau County. When I interviewed Maya Frank, artist and gallery owner for our premiere issue, she told me it was her dream to open a gallery to showcase her work. She is hoping to support fellow artists, businesses with a place for networking and charities for a place to host fund raisers of all kinds.
M Frank Gallery opens with walls adorned with Maya’s work, sized from small drawings to bigger than life sized paintings. The gallery also features fashionwear and accessories like beautiful handbags designed by Maya, with her art featured in the design.
Born in Russia, Maya has lived in various countries, including Israel before moving to the US. In addition to painting, Maya has performed in ballet and acts in TV in NY based series. A lover of cars, Maya also has a few classic cars that are featured in movies and TV.

Filming Long Island Portfolio Christmas Vs The Walters

And Action!

there is tremendous talent available for Long Island Projects. Christmas VS the Walters had actors ranging from veteran journeymen Jack MaGee and Bruce Dern to up and comer Paris Bravo.  Well known stage, tv and movie veterans include Shawnee Smith, Dean Winters, Joseph D’Onofrio, ( https://longislandportfolio.com/joseph-donofrio-featured-artist/) Nate Torrence, Richard Thomas, Caroline Aaron, Betsy Beutler, John Farley, and Chris Elliot.

Gabrielle Baker Mineralogy 6 - Ethiopian Opal

Gabrielle Baker – Artist Statement

currently living in Harlem, NY.  My journey as an artist began at age ten at the Art Students’ League in New York City in a watercolor class led my Mrs. Ethel Katz.  I used my portfolio of paintings I created there as my entrance application to Music and Art High School.  Unfortunately, as I approached college-age, I was discouraged by “well intentioned” adults in my life from pursuing art as a vocation.  I eventually lost interest in painting and chose other career options, however, there was always a gnawing question in the back of my mind “why aren’t you painting?”  Along the way, several people pushed and prodded me to get back to painting, but I only went as far as dibbling and dabbling as a hobbyist. 

Three things reignited my passion to paint after a thirty plus year hiatus.  To re-immerse myself in painting, I took a course at Parson’s School of Design and I was encouraged by one of my instructors to “get serious” about my art.   Second, during a meditation course called “Finding Your Purpose,” I had a vision of a Native American woman who told me that my purpose was to “bring beauty to the earth.”  Third, I entered my first abstract painting of Copper Metal into a 2015 Montclair, NJ exhibit just for the experience. To my surprise – it was purchased!  I took this as a clue from the Universe that I should keep going and I quickly got back on track.


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 Long Island Portfolio, Inc. is a New York-based publishing company run by photographic artist Alex M. Wolff of Jericho, NY. With access to physical art at an all time low, our mission is to provide a vehicle for people in the art, entertainment, and hospitality industries to promote themselves, their businesses, and their art through email and social media. Long Island Portfolio is distributed as PDFs through email, with stories posted here online as SEO friendly blog posts.

Long Islanders Surround Artists

Long Island has long been a destination for art, from creators, to patrons, to museums and galleries. Many of our restaurants and hotels, as well as public spaces, contain art on the walls, sculptures in our gardens, even the food on our plates thanks to our talented and creative chefs. Joined by actors, musicians, comedians, tattoo artists and their canvases, there is art to please us all.

A new distribution model for a new world

Long Island Portfolio has a completely new business model for distribution providing compressed copies for its readers and featured artists to post on social media, email directly, text entire issues, and post on their own social media sites. The fine art original photographs and individual stories of those recognized in each issue can also be printed on museum-quality photographic papers, canvas, and displayed in the “Real World” offices and homes of those who are honored. This allows the subjects to obtain the most value from each month’s issue.

Our artists and creatives need your help!

Long Island Portfolio reaches out to artists of all kinds through in person viewings, Linked In connections, even the media. Unfortunately, we do not have enough eyes to see it all. If you know an artist, chef, entertainer, writer, anyone in the arts that can benefit from improved personal branding from Montauk to Manhattan, Long Island and the 5 boroughs, nominate them to be a featured artist and we will reach out to them for interviews.

How is Long Island Portfolio Magazine Funded?

Long Island Portfolio Magazine is funded by advertising, donations, and direct contributions by the nominated artists portrayed in the issues themselves. NO-ONE can BUY a nomination and contributions are voluntary but are the foundation as to how Long Island Portfolio Magazine has been able to become the promotion tool of Long Island artists of every type. To contact us please click here: Contact.

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