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Don Most at The Cutting Room in NYC

Don Most – Even Happier Days for our Featured Artist.

…I started off doing some jazz clubs out here in LA, and they went great.  I did some in New York before The Cutting Room, like 54 Below and Iridium jazz club. From there it just started growing in other parts of the country as well.

I cut a CD called “D Most Mostly Swinging,” with this great 18-piece band of wonderful Los Angeles jazz and studio musicians, studio musicians, and our great producer and trumpet player, William Ario.  And so that’s out. It’s been hard to grow because the live performance thing is almost impossible during COVID.

I’ve been dying to get back into doing live performance, more films and television. I just did a short film, which is called When George Got Murdered, and it’s a really interesting film about the George Floyd incident. I don’t know when that’s coming out, and I did some TV prior to that, a pilot called Puck Heads, where I play the owner of a minor league hockey team, so we’ll see what happens with that. Hopefully, that gets picked up. And I’m supposed to do a couple of other films that got put on hold.

Sandy Gennaro

Sandy Gennaro – Grateful Drumma

…Shortly after touring with Cyndi, I was asked to do a record in Frankfurt Craaft, a German band. Subsequently after that record came out, they wanted me to do the tour. And in a similar situation, it was in an opening act. You know Cyndi Lauper explodes,  we were were playing arenas several nights a week, the biggest thing on MTV, blah blah blah, and I’m asked to go to Germany. I got paid very little to do it, but as a favor to a friend of a friend, and I went ahead and did it. Because my theory is, it’s like, if somebody wants me to play, I’m flattered. If somebody wants my drumming on their record, or on their gig, or on their live date or whatever, I’m flattered. Man, they like me. All right, so anyway.
The highlight of my Craaft association was the tour, opening for Queen. So from Craaft, I did The Monkees tour. I was actually doing it, again, as a favor to a friend. I filled in for a drummer that bailed out on him, and about a year later he gets the Musical Director gig with The Monkees. Based on, “Hey, Sandy, you bailed me out that night. I want you to do The Monkees tour, they’re reuniting.” So I did not only that Monkees tour, but almost every reunion tour subsequently.

Syl-Lee Antiques - 19th Century French Glass

Antiques and Auctions

…Adam: If 2020 has taught us anything, it is that the unfolding of life events can be utterly unpredictable. Even the best-laid plans for our personal well-being, for that of our families, and for our finances can abruptly, and dramatically, be altered almost overnight.  In the most stable of times, the management of our personal estates, or those of our parents, grandparents, or other loved ones, can appear intimidating, mysterious, and overwhelming.  In times of greater uncertainty, all of those feelings can be even more intense.  This is especially true when — as is often the case — estate issues arise because of unexpected life transitions or illness.  The good news is that understanding in advance the process of dealing with potentially valuable estate items, in particular antiques, can take a lot of the pressure off of managing an estate.  It can also put the estate owner or their heirs in the best possible position to see the financial benefits that can come with the successful liquidation of physical items in an estate, such as furniture, jewelry, and art.

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